What’s going to be happening in the shower in 2022? Not your shower, specifically, that would be a bit personally intrusive.

We want to focus on showers and shower screens in Adelaide and across Australia, to see what’s hot, what’s not and what is growing in popularity.

Here are Adelaide Shower Screen’s Top 9 Shower Trends for 2022:

Before you can fix your leaking shower screen, you have to identify the problem area. Common reasons for a shower screen to leak include:

The wet room – in other words, a bathroom with no shower screens or separate shower cubicles – is something that is growing in popularity and will continue to grow into the future. The advantage of wet rooms is that everything is open and lighter, plus there’s more space. However, it does mean that everything can get wet, so takes a bit of planning and is not for everyone.

If a wet room is taking it a bit far for your taste, then another option that is also growing in popularity is to combine both the shower and bath behind a shower screen. This has some of the advantages of the wet room but keeps the wet space separate from the other areas of your bathroom.

We’ve highlighted the advantages of frameless shower screens in our blogs before and it’s easy to see why they are a trend that is here to stay. The lack of frames makes bathroom spaces seem bigger and lighter, plus it makes your shower screen easier to clean and maintain.

Likewise, semi-frameless shower screens are also becoming more popular. They’re the nice go-between if you’re tossing up between a frameless and framed shower screen. They have many of the advantages of their frameless cousin but are generally a little less expensive.