While trends sometimes go as fast as they arrive, when it comes to bathroom design, two trends that appear to be here to stay are wet spaces and walk-in showers. What are they are what do they have to do with shower screens? We’ll explain in this blog.


What’s the difference between a wet space and a walk-in shower?

The key difference between a wet space and a walk-in shower is that the wet space also includes a bath.

Wet Space

For a wet space, the bath and shower are kept close together and separated from the rest of the bathroom by a shower screen. This shower screen is usually fixed and is often single, although in some cases a shower screen on both sides of the wet space can be used with a gap in the middle. There’s also no reason why a pivot or sliding shower screen can’t be used, but this does go against the walk-in feel that most people are trying to achieve.

Walk in Shower

A walk-in shower, on the other hand, doesn’t have a bath. It involves having the shower behind a fixed shower screen to contain the water. No door is used, giving it the ‘walk-in’ name.

The key feature of both wet spaces and walk-in showers is the shower screen. Without it, the remainder of the bathroom would get wet. It’s worth pointing out that this is also a trend and is called a wet room, but that’s perhaps a topic for another blog.

Wet are shower screen

Fixed shower screen makes for a luxurious bathroom

As we mentioned, some wet spaces do include a shower screen door, but generally, only fixed shower screens are used. Using a fixed shower screen and having no door has multiple benefits:


First and foremost, it provides a feeling of luxury. For many people, it’s a reminder of a resort or favourite hotel room they have visited.

Good Accessibility 

If you, or someone in your family, has accessibility issues, a walk-in shower or wet space is a great option. The lack of doors and no step allows easy access to the area.

Easy to Clean

The lack of hardware, nooks and crannies, makes the fixed glass shower screen extremely easy to clean. See How to keep your new shower screen looking brand new for tips on cleaning your shower screens.

Space looks larger

With no frames and very few fittings, the fixed glass will make your bathroom space appear larger. In addition, the glass will reflect the light, making your bathroom lighter.

Suits new or old homes

While wet areas and walk-in showers will definitely suit a modern home, they’ll look just as good in traditional-style homes.

 You do need space

There’s really only one negative associated with wet areas and walk-in showers and that is you need to have the space to pull it off. Trying to fit either into a small bathroom will leave you with a cramped enclosure or will require a small shower screen that might not contain the water correctly.

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