If your shower screen door wobbles, shakes, comes off its tracks, squeaks and generally makes your shower time less relaxing, there’s a new trend in bathroom renovations you’re going to love. It’s called the walk-in shower, and, you guessed it, no doors are required.

One or more fixed shower screens, but no door.

What is a walk-in shower?

As the name suggests, a walk-in shower is simply a shower you can step into and out of without opening a door. Generally, it involves having one fixed glass shower screen panel that prevents the water from escaping your shower, next to a gap where you enter and exit.

A similar trend is a wet space, where both the bath and shower are enclosed behind a fixed glass shower screen panel. In the case of wet spaces, it’s not unusual for two fixed glass screen panels to be used, with a gap in the middle.

The benefits of the walk-in shower – and the wet space – can be significant:

With no door to open and close, getting into and out of your shower is a breeze. It’s particularly good for people with accessibility issues.
With fixed glass shower screen panels and no doors, there is less to maintain and less that can go wrong (no wobbles, shakes, etc. to see here!).
With no hinges, knobs and less parts, it makes cleaning your glass shower screens a lot easier.
Walk-in showers look great and fit the minimalistic style that is very popular today.


Is there a downside?

The lack of a glass shower screen door can, of course, lead to water escaping your shower space. This isn’t just inconvenient – you might need to mop up water occasionally – it can be a safety hazard.

You also need quite a bit of space to install a walk-in shower. There are some that suggest you can have a walk-in shower in an area as little as 1 metre X 1 metre, but we’d recommend the width be more than this, or more water will escape.

Remember, too, that having a fully enclosed shower – with glass shower screens and a door – keeps the warmth and humidity in your shower enclosure. A walk-in shower will allow some of this to escape and potentially let cold drafts enter.

A few walk-in showers tips.

  • Shower Head Positioning
    The position of your shower head is essential with a walk-in shower so as not to direct water at the opening.
  • Waterfall shower head
    A rain or waterfall shower head is an excellent idea for a walk-in shower as it directs water down, so less water is likely to escape. It will also add to the lux feel of your bathroom. 
  • Non-slip tiles are a must
    If you are doing a complete bathroom renovation, consider using non-slip tiles on the floor as they’ll be safer if some water does leak from your shower.

We can help.

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