If you’re considering a bathroom renovation in 2022 and you think of yourself as a person who keeps up with the current trends, then you really must consider one of the hottest fashions in bathroom design, the walk-in shower with a frameless shower screen.

You may have noticed these before at a 5-star plus hotel or resort you’ve stayed in. In simple terms it involves having a shower area with no glass doors.

There’ll be a single or sometimes multiple panes of frameless shower screen to act as a partition and prevent water splashing out and nothing else. You simply step into the shower area to enjoy a luxurious clean and step out when you’re finished

Now it can be said that some trends are here today and gone tomorrow (like the mullet, although unfortunately, that seems to have made a comeback!) but we’re confident that the walk-in shower is here to stay.

That’s because they don’t just look good, they’re also very functional.

The benefits of installing a walk-in shower and frameless shower screen for your Adelaide home include:

  • There’s a reason why many 5-star hotels and resorts are installing walk-in showers and that’s because they’re so luxurious. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a resort every day, at least while you’re in your bathroom!
  • With no frames and hinges and far less hardware, there’s a feeling of more space in your shower and room to move around. You’ll also have more space outside your shower because there is no hinged door to open.
  • The lack of hardware makes the frameless shower screen and the entire shower easier to clean. There’s also very little that can go wrong, so you can almost consider these ‘no maintenance showers’ rather than low maintenance.
  • Walk-in showers and frameless shower screens are great in bathrooms that don’t have a lot of natural light, as there are no frames and other materials to block even the smallest amount of the light.
  • A frameless shower screen may look a little on the flimsy side because there’s no frames to hold it together, but don’t be fooled, they are tough. These shower screens feature thicker glass than most framed and semi-frameless shower screens, so are even tough enough for the family bathroom.
  • Having a walk-in shower simply looks great. Modern, stylish, minimalistic and sexy. It provides a wow factor that is lacking in many bathrooms.

 The only downside of a walk-in shower with a frameless shower screen is you need to have a large enough bathroom to make it work. While a walk-in shower can be any size you want, generally a minimum of 1m by 1.5m or more is required. Any smaller than this and you’ll either need to squeeze past the frameless shower screen to get in or water from the shower will be spraying into your bathroom.


Walk in Shower    Image Source homestolove.com.au

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