In recent years, the popularity of walk-in showers in Adelaide has surged. It’s fair to say these shower enclosures have become a preferred choice for many homeowners looking to blend functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

As a glass shower screen supplier and installer in Adelaide, we have witnessed first-hand the increasing demand for these sleek and accessible shower solutions. Let’s explore the history of walk in showers, their key benefits and why they have become a desired feature in modern bathrooms.

A brief history of walk in showers

It’s perhaps fair to say that the first walk-in showers date back to ancient times when the earliest known showers were used by the Greeks. They developed a rudimentary system of aqueducts and cisterns to channel water for showering. These early showers were simply functional, with no screens, curtains, or anything else trapping the water.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and the concept of the walk-in shower began to evolve. With advancements in plumbing and construction techniques, homeowners started to seek out more practical and efficient shower solutions and the open, barrier-free concept of walk-in showers gained popularity.

The popularity of walk in showers

Today, walk in showers have become a staple in contemporary bathroom design. Their sleek and minimalist appearance, combined with their functional advantages, make them an attractive option for both new builds and bathroom renovations.

Several factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of walk-in showers:

Modern aesthetics

Walk in showers offer a clean, streamlined look that complements modern design trends.

The absence of a traditional shower door or curtain creates an open, airy feel, making even small bathrooms appear more spacious.


Walk in showers are highly accessible, making them an ideal choice for individuals with mobility issues.

The absence of a threshold, or step, reduces the risk of tripping and allows for easy entry and exit.

Even if you don’t have accessibility issues, a walk in shower improves safety in your Adelaide bathroom.

Ease of cleaning

With fewer nooks and crannies than traditional showers, walk in showers are easier to clean and maintain.

The smooth surfaces of glass shower screens can be quickly wiped down, reducing the buildup of soap scum and mildew.


Walk in showers can be used in practically any bathroom.

All that’s essentially required is enough space to fit a fixed glass shower screen to prevent water from the shower escaping and allow enough of a gap for entry and exit.

Increased home value

Upgrading to a walk in shower can boost the value of your home.

Modern, well-designed bathrooms are a major selling point for potential buyers, and a walk in shower can make your property stand out in a competitive market.

Improved shower experience

Walk in showers provide a very luxurious and enjoyable showering experience akin to bathrooms in a luxury hotel or resort.

The open design allows for better air circulation, preventing the buildup of steam and creating a more comfortable environment.

Walk right in

The growing popularity of walk in showers is a testament to their many benefits and the increasing demand for modern, functional bathroom designs. 

At Adelaide Shower Screens, we are committed to helping homeowners create beautiful and practical shower spaces. If you’re considering a walk in shower for your bathroom, we invite you to explore our range of glass shower screens and discover the perfect solution for your needs.

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, from design to installation, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

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The clean lines of a walk-in shower 

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