In our most recent blog, we provided tips for those people with small bathrooms. So to square the ledger, in this blog we’ll focus on those people in Adelaide who are lucky enough to have a large bathroom. Having a bigger space does provide more options – such as a walk-in shower with a fixed glass shower screen – but that doesn’t mean it’s not tricky.

Options for a large bathroom

As we highlighted in the introduction, a large bathroom means your space won’t force you to compromise. Your budget might, but that’s another story! Here are ten things you might consider doing if you have a large bathroom, which would be difficult in a smaller space:

Walk-in Shower Screen

A walk in shower is one of the hot ticket items in bathrooms. It does require space, however, as it involves having one – or potentially more – fixed glass shower screens to catch the water with no door.

Create a wet area

Take the walk-in shower concept a step further by creating a wet area. This involves having the shower and bath enclosed behind glass shower screens. It could have a door or not, depending on your space and set-up.

You might even consider going the whole hog, by having a wet room. This is where the shower is not enclosed by a shower screen at all. Water is allowed to flow to a drain in the tiled floor. The obvious negative of a wet room is that things can get wet, not just from the spray of the shower but also from the humidity that is at least partly contained by glass shower screens.

Freestanding bath

Another hot trend in bathroom design is a freestanding bath. They can be difficult to fit into a small space, but with your large bathroom, it shouldn’t be an issue to include a bath and shower. Freestanding baths also create a focal point for your room.

Two basin Vanities

If it’s not just you who uses the bathroom, adding a two-basin vanity or having two separate vanities makes sense. It looks great and is extremely practical, particularly on those busy mornings when everyone needs to get ready at the same time.

Twin Showers

Another feature you may want to consider in a larger space is twin showers. Indulgent? Yes. Wow factor? Heaps!

Mixup the tiling

In a smaller bathroom, it can often make sense to use one tile across the entire space, but with a larger area you have more freedom to mix things up.  For example, you might choose different floor and wall tiles or feature a different tile in your shower niche. This will create interest and design flair.

Use of patterns and textures

The ability to be a bit more daring with tiles also applies to the colours, patterns and textures. Don’t overdo it, but you can, for example, have different colours for the ceiling and walls.

Lighting makes the bathroom

Lighting is just as important in a large bathroom as a small space. Natural light is great if you can incorporate it, but you will obviously need to use artificial lighting. Where downlights generally work best in small bathrooms, you might consider wall lights, pendants and even chandeliers in a larger space. The use of strip lighting can also provide added interest.

The green touch

Adding greenery in the bathroom is another trend and something you should be able to incorporate into a larger space. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider really good-quality artificial plants.