When you install new glass shower screens to your Adelaide bathroom, you’re adding more than just a functional item. Shower screens are transformative elements that can profoundly influence the ambience in your space and your mood. They may never replace a good counsellor, but they can make a significant psychological impact.

Okay, we may be running away with ourselves a little, but there’s no doubt that glass shower screens added to your Adelaide bathroom can redefine your entire bathroom experience. Read on to find out some of the ways that glass screens can affect your mood.

The emotional and mental benefits of glass shower screens.

Create an illusion of openness

Part of the secret is in the transparency of the glass screens, which helps create an illusion of openness. They visually expand the space within the confines of the bathroom.

A sense of spaciousness

By allowing light to flow freely, glass shower screens also eliminate visual barriers, creating a seamless transition between shower and surrounding areas. This uninterrupted flow of light contributes to a sense of spaciousness, a particularly important point in smaller bathrooms.

Softening the harshness of the enclosed space

Just as importantly, the translucency of glass softens the harshness of enclosed spaces, gently diffusing light to create a more welcoming environment. Natural light filtering through a glass shower screen illuminates the space and adds warmth, making the bathroom feel inviting and serene. This interplay of light can have a profound psychological impact on our mood and mental well-being.

A tranquil space

The openness offered by glass screens fosters a sense of airiness and tranquillity, reducing feelings of confinement that shower curtains, or other solid barriers or opaque enclosures, might evoke. The unobstructed view allows the eye to wander, creating a sense of connectivity with the rest of the bathroom and even beyond, potentially offering views of nature or other design elements that contribute to relaxation and a sense of peace.

The aesthetics of glass

Beyond the physical space, the aesthetics of glass shower screens contribute significantly to the overall ambience. Their sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any Adelaide bathroom, elevating its aesthetic appeal. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of glass screens often complement various interior styles, from contemporary to classic, seamlessly integrating into diverse design schemes.

The mood created by glass shower screens isn’t merely about aesthetics. It’s also about enhancing our overall well-being. A well-lit, open, and visually expansive bathroom contributes to a positive state of mind. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and can even enhance your grooming and self-care routines.


No stress glass shower screens

New glass shower screens may provide benefits for emotions and mental well-being, but isn’t ordering and installing new screens a stressful experience?

Not if you choose Adelaide Shower Screens. We offer a free measure and quote service, provide a quick turnaround and offer a range of different glass shower screen styles. We only sell and install shower screens that comply with Australian Standards, and all our installers are experts and have police checks and clearances.

In short, the supply and installation will make you feel almost as good as the glass shower screens will.

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