If you’ve ever opened a home interior magazine and felt envious of the size of the bathrooms on display, We get it. While, on average, Australians enjoy some of the biggest bathrooms in the world, that’s no consolation if your bathroom bucks the trend. However, you can do things to help a small bathroom, such as fitting sliding shower screen doors.

In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of sliding shower screen doors. Whether you have a small bathroom or not, choosing a sliding door for your shower can be an excellent choice.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

A sliding door shower screen

Sliding shower screen doors – the pros

Space savers

The number one positive of sliding shower screen doors is that they are space savers. Unlike traditional hinged or pivot doors, sliding shower screens operate on a smooth sliding mechanism that doesn’t require the door to swing outwards. This is particularly advantageous in smaller bathrooms or ensuites where there’s not a lot of clearance.

Where there’s no room for a door

In situations where a pivoting or hinged door can contact a vanity, toilet or other item in your Adelaide bathroom, a sliding door can be a real bonus. While today’s glass shower screens are very tough, they’re not unbreakable, particularly when banged against a corner of a vanity, for example.

Great Water Management

Slide shower screen doors are good at containing water and, after all, that’s why you have a shower screen in the first place. All glass shower screens do a great job of keeping water in the shower enclosure, where it belongs, but sliding doors can do a better job than some options.

Easy to operate

Sliding shower doors are easy to operate and require minimal effort to open and close. This makes them beneficial for those with accessibility issues, particularly in a small bathroom where there’s not enough space for a pivoting or hinging door.


Sliding shower screen doors – the cons

Here at Adelaide Shower Screens, sliding shower screen doors aren’t our first recommendation. That’s because there are a couple of potential negatives to these doors. Specifically:

More to go wrong

With more moving parts, more things can go wrong with sliding shower screen doors compared with pivoting or hinged doors. However, it must be said that today’s modern sliding doors are much better than models from 10, 20 and more years ago. Issues are far less likely and maintenance is generally zero.

Harder to clean

Another issue is that a sliding shower screen door is more difficult to clean, particularly at the top and bottom of the door. A modern sliding door is easier to clean than its older counterpart, but to give everything a thorough clean it can take a bit more work than pivot and hinged doors.

Sliding shower screen doors – get the entire story

If you’re keen to hear the full story about sliding shower screen doors, we’re always keen to tell it!

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