Read the content of many shower screen providers and they will either recommend framed shower screens if you’re on a budget or frameless shower screens if you have a bit of money to splurge and simply want the best. 

At Adelaide Shower Screens, however, we’re not afraid of a bit of controversy and we believe the semi frameless shower screen can be the best option for many people. It may have the word semi in its name, but it’s certainly not a second-rate option.

Types of shower screens

Before we get into why we believe semi-frameless shower screens can be the best option in many Adelaide homes, here’s a brief rundown on the three different types of glass shower screens available:

  • Framed shower screens are supported on all sides by relatively thick frames. Because the glass is supported on all sides, thinner glass can be used, which generally makes it the cheapest choice. The thick frames can look a little ‘heavy’ and will reduce reflection and natural light, compared with other options.

  • Frameless shower screens have no frames and provide a minimalist, clean look. The lack of frames can make bathroom spaces appear larger and lighter, and make the glass easy to clean. The downside is that they require thicker glass, which means they are more expensive than both framed and semi frameless.

  • Semi-frameless shower screens have thin frames around only some of the edges of the glass, to provide support. Generally, the external perimeter of the shower screen is framed, while the internal sections are frameless.
Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

The Semi-Frameless Shower Screen is a balance of style and cost.

Adelaide Shower Screens recommends semi frameless shower screens

It may seem like having a favourite child, but while we do truly love all types of glass shower screens, the semi-frameless model is our preferred option.  

Why? As highlighted in the above, the framed shower screens can be a bit heavy on the eye for some bathrooms, while the frameless ones are more expensive. It’s not just due to the thickness of the glass. Frameless shower screens require two people to install so installation costs are also higher.

Some people look at semi-frameless shower screens as a compromise. The perfect choice if you’re having trouble deciding which option to choose. A good option if you have a little bit more money to spend but can’t afford frameless shower screens. 

However, semi frameless shower screens are certainly not a compromise. They are a budget-friendly option, are quick to install, are easy to clean, require very little if any maintenance and are very pleasing on the eye. Plus, like all our range, semi frameless shower screens can be custom designed and manufactured to suit your space.

In summary, we believe the semi frameless shower screens give the most ‘bang for buck’ and are a great choice in most Adelaide bathrooms. 

To find out more about the advantages of semi frameless shower screens in Adelaide, call us on 08 7111 0000 or visit us at 1 Staite Street in Wingfield.