If you’re in the market for new shower screens for your Adelaide home, the temptation may be to head to your local hardware store or another provider for an off-the-shelf option. Before you do, however, consider the benefits of custom shower screens.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at some of the differences between off-the-shelf and custom shower screens.

Off-the-shelf shower screens in Adelaide

Pop along to your local hardware store and they may stock off-the-shelf shower screens. There are even shower screens that you can buy online and have delivered to your home. Chances are you will have a few options to choose from. These options may include:

  • Framed, semi-frameless or frameless shower screens.
  • A choice on the colour for the frames, if applicable. For example, chrome is almost always available and some providers also stock black frames.
  • Possibly, different hardware options. This may include, for example, a choice of handles and hinge colours.
  • A range of sizes. While there are no standard shower screen sizes, as such, most providers will have at least a few different size options.

Custom shower screens in Adelaide

When choosing off-the-shelf shower screens you have options, but with custom shower screens the world is your oyster!

Essentially, you can choose whatever you like as everything is made to size and to your specifications. Framed, semi-frameless or frameless; a wider choice in shower screen frame finishes and colours; more options for handles and hinges; any opening style that you want. It’s your shower screen and your Adelaide home, so it’s your choice.

It’s important to point out that in some circumstances, custom shower screens may be your only choice. For example, if you have a space that is not standard and can’t be resolved with an off-the-shelf option.

Other factors to consider

Will you pay more for custom shower screens for your Adelaide home, compared with off-the-shelf? This is difficult to answer, because of the options available and because of price differences between providers. However, in general, you don’t have to pay a lot more for custom design and manufacture.

The other important thing to remember with off-the-shelf shower screens is that you’ll need to fit them yourself, which is a tricky job for even experienced DIYers. Alternatively, you’ll need to find someone else who can do the job for you. Most custom shower screen providers will include the all-important fitting in their quote.

Shower screen frame options

Shower screen hardware options

Shower screen hinge options

We are custom shower screen experts

At the end of the day, for most people, custom design and manufacture is the way to go. If you live in the Adelaide area, that means Adelaide Shower Screens.

We provide a full custom design and manufacturing service, only use fully trained, qualified and highly skilled installers, only use Australian Standard glass, provide a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and materials, and have full damage and public liability insurance. Our prices are also very competitive.

Give us a call on 1300 260 026 and we’ll organise a free measure and quote on your new shower screens.