In recent years, the traditional concepts of bathroom design and shower enclosures has undergone significant transformations and one of the most popular innovations is the walk in shower.

Once considered a luxury reserved for high-end hotels and spa retreats, walk in showers are now becoming a staple in contemporary home design. This surge in popularity can be attributed to a multitude of factors, ranging from their aesthetic appeal to practical functionality.

walk in shower

Create more space in your bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Key benefits of the walk-in shower:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of walk-in showers in Adelaide and across Australia is their aesthetic appeal. These sleek, open-concept showers create a sense of spaciousness and modernity in any bathroom.

Homeowners today are increasingly drawn to the clean lines and minimalistic design that walk-in showers offer, providing a visually striking focal point for the entire bathroom.

2. Accessibility

The desire for homes – and bathrooms – to be accessible for all stages of life have also fuelled the popularity of walk in showers. With no cumbersome steps or doors, these showers provide easy access for individuals of all ages and abilities.

3. Low-maintenance

Most of us Adelaideans now see a low-maintenance lifestyle and walk in showers, with their streamlined design and easy-to-clean surfaces, align perfectly with this desire. The lack of a shower door, frames, hinges and hardware means there are few nooks and crannies to clean. The simple design of the walk in shower also helps to make it a low-maintenance option.

With one or more fixed glass shower screens to catch all or at least most of the water and no moving parts, there is little that can go wrong.

4. More spacious

The lack of frames, hinges and other hardware provides a feeling of more space in your shower. You’ll also have more space outside your shower because there is no hinged door to open.

5. More light

Walk-in showers with one or more fixed glass shower screens are great in bathrooms that don’t have a lot of natural light, as there are no frames and other materials to suck up the light that does exist.

6. Robust structure

The fixed, frameless glass shower screen panel or panels may look a little on the flimsy side, but don’t be fooled, they are tough. They feature thicker glass than most framed and semi-frameless shower screens and are designed to last.

7. Luxurious feel

For many, the allure of a walk in shower lies in the luxurious experience it provides. This can be extenuated with other features, such as rainfall showerheads, multiple body jets and the use high-quality materials. You’ll soon have your Adelaide bathroom looking and feeling like a hotel day spa!

8. Add value to your home

You’ll appreciate a well-appointed walk in shower and so too could future owners of your home. Real estate experts often highlight bathrooms as key selling points and the allure of a walk in shower can be a decisive factor for potential buyers and can increase the value of your home.

Adelaide walk in shower considerations.

If there is a ‘but’ when considering a walk in shower for your Adelaide home, it’s the size of your bathroom. You do need to have a large enough bathroom to make it work.

While a walk in shower in theory, can be any size you want, generally a minimum of 1m by 1.5m is required. More space is preferred. Any smaller than this and you’ll either need to squeeze past the frameless shower screen to get into your shower or water from the shower will be spraying into your bathroom.

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