If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know that for our Adelaide customers we don’t recommend sliding glass shower screens as their first choice. The reason is relatively simple – the additional moving parts simply means there’s more that can go wrong.

That doesn’t mean sliding glass shower screens don’t have their place. In fact, in some bathrooms, installing one makes total sense. So, in this post, we’ll look at the key reasons why it can pay to install a sliding door for your shower.

Six reasons to install sliding glass shower screens

1. Space

The biggest reason is space. Or more correctly, lack of it. In some bathrooms where there isn’t adequate space immediately in front of the shower enclosure, a pivot or hinged door can cause issues. They can open onto other items, such as a vanity or toilet, in your Adelaide bathroom, potentially causing damage. Or they can make it difficult for the person having a shower to squeeze between the door and the shower.

2. Accessibility 

If the shower is being used by someone with accessibility issues or someone with limited movement, a sliding door installed in a small bathroom instead of a pivoting or hinged door can be an especially good idea.

3. Can be attractive

Sliding glass shower screens were once, let’s face it, a little on the ugly side. If you remember the coloured, wired glass shower screens that were once common in Adelaide bathrooms, you’ll know what we mean. Not anymore. Today’s Sliding glass shower screens are sleek and modern, with smaller frames and tracks.

4. Sliding Showerscreen Options

Nowadays, there are also plenty of choices and options when installing glass sliding shower screens, allowing you to choose a solution to suit your space, budget and taste.

5. A Practical choice

Glass sliding shower screens are entirely practical. In fact they can do a better job of keeping water in your shower than some other options. After all, keeping water in your shower is why we have shower screens in the first place!

6. Personal Preference

Some people just prefer the sliding doors, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sliding glass shower screens – maintenance and cleaning

Two of the concerns about sliding glass shower screens is that they require maintenance and are more difficult to clean. While there is a small amount of truth in this, these concerns are mainly based on older-style models.

When it comes to maintenance, sure, there are more moving parts and, therefore things that can go wrong. However, today’s glass sliding doors don’t require much maintenance, if any at all. Plus, the chances of the door coming off its tracks are significantly reduced compared to older models.

Cleaning, too, is much improved. With everything sleeker, there are fewer places for soap scum and grime to collect, and it’s easier to get into all the spaces to perform a thorough clean.

Sliding glass shower screens at Adelaide Show Screens

After writing this post, will we now recommend sliding glass shower screens to all our customers? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they’re an inferior option.

If you prefer a sliding door, we provide them in a choice of 2 or 3 door openings. There’s even a corner-opening option. Plus, like all our framed glass shower screens, you can choose from a range of finishes to complement your bathroom.

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