If you’re the type of person who takes apart their computer to see how it works and asks twenty questions whenever purchasing a new item, knowing what’s involved in the shower screen supply and install process is likely to be important. This post is for you!

Others are content to simply phone Adelaide Shower Screens if they’re considering having a new shower screen supplied and installed to get a quote. But not you. You’ll want to know everything beforehand and that’s fair enough. It’s your bathroom, after all.

Here is a simplified rundown on the shower screen supply and install process.

  1. It starts with a free measure and quote. We’ll assess your bathroom, take measurements and discuss your preferences and requirements. 
  2. The measure and quote process is also when we’ll discuss product selection. This will include whether you want framed, semi-frameless or frameless screens, a swinging door, sliding door or no door at all (walk-in shower), as well as hardware options. We can guide you through all options to help you make the right decisions for you.
  3. Once you go ahead with your new shower screens, and you decide exactly what you want, we’ll go ahead with manufacturing and sourcing. For standard items we may be able to source from our inventory. For other items – particularly if customisation is required, for example for irregularly shaped shower enclosures – we’ll manufacture the shower screens.
  4. It generally takes a maximum of 14 days from order to installation. 
  5. On installation day, our expert installers will prepare the site by removing any existing shower screens, and cleaning and preparing the shower enclosure.
  6. We’ll fit your shower screens to your shower enclosure and ensure that everything aligns correctly and is securely attached. 
  7. We’ll also install all required hardware.
  8. Sealing and waterproofing is carried out to prevent leaks and water damage to surrounding areas.
  9. One installation is complete, a quality check is conducted to ensure that the shower screen operates smoothly and there are no issues. 
  10. We’ll clean the shower screens, hardware and the shower enclosure ready for handover. You can then enjoy the first shower, surrounded by your new shower screens. Just make sure we’ve left your house first!

shower screen installation

Installing a shower screen

Peace of mind

While not everyone remembers to ask about guarantees and such details, you no doubt will. And we’ll be glad to tell you that you have the peace of mind of a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and materials.

In addition, Adelaide Shower Screens has full damage and public liability insurance, all our expert installers have police clearances, and we provide a certificate of compliance to Australian Standards AS 1288/2006.

Got more questions? We’ll be happy to answer them. Just give us a call on 08 7111 0000. And when you’re ready to go ahead and get a free measure and quote, phone us or complete the form on our website

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