According to the Collins Dictionary, semi can be defined as being half or partial. Fair enough, but when semi is applied to frameless shower screens, it’s certainly not a half or partial solution. In fact, we’d argue it’s a bathroom solution with twice the benefits!

Semi-Frameless Shower ScreenWhat does semi frameless mean?

In the case of semi frameless shower screens, the word semi is used because frames are used around only some of the edges of the glass panels. This is opposed to the other two main glass shower screen options, which are framed and frameless shower screens.

For the former, the glass panels are supported on all edges by frames. This solution was what most of us would have had in our bathrooms up until 10 or 20 years ago, before frameless shower screens became more widely used.

Frameless screens began to appear on the market in the 1970s, but they were mainly only seen in high-end bathrooms. Nowadays they are used in all styles and types of bathrooms and are one of the most popular trends in bathroom design.

While all types of shower screens are excellent, and there is really no wrong choice, as we highlighted in a recent blog, semi frameless shower screens are our favourite. Why? There are several reasons why we recommend this solution to many of our customers:

  • They might not be as in-expensive as framed shower screens, but they are a budget-friendly option. They are cheaper to manufacture than frameless shower screens and also cheaper to install.
  • Semi-frameless shower screens require little maintenance and are easier to clean than framed screens.
  • The reduced number and thickness of frames helps bathrooms appear lighter and have more space.
  • They simply look great and provide excellent value for money.

Can a semi-frameless shower screen be customised to fit your bathroom?

In a word, absolutely!
In fact, all three of the glass shower screen options can be customised to fit your bathroom when you choose Adelaide Shower Screens. Here is a summary of the process:

Measure and Quote

After you phone us on 08 7111 0000 or submit a form on our website for a quote, we’ll organise a time to come to your place for a free measure and provide you with a quotation.


After you choose to go ahead with our quote, we’ll manufacture your shower screens to your specific requirements.


It generally takes 14 days or less from the order for your shower screens to be ready to be installed. We’ll then organise a time to install your shower screens. Semi-frameless shower screens can be installed by one person, while frameless screens require two people. This is why frameless screens are more expensive to install.

We’ll give your new shower screen a good clean, and it will be sparkling, beautiful and ready to use.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing your new semi-frameless shower screen is guaranteed for ten years.

Contact Adelaide Shower Screens to begin the process today!

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