One of the easiest ways of modernising your bathroom is to replace your existing shower screens. How do you best do this?

This post will provide some answers and get your bathroom kicking and screaming into the 2020’s.

Why replace your shower screens?

There may be several reason why you might be considering replacing your existing shower screens in your Adelaide bathroom. The most common ones are:

  • You currently have shower curtains. They may be a budget way of keeping water inside your shower, but shower curtains aren’t usually very effective. Plus, they stay damp, get mouldy, look cheap and need to be replaced reasonably regularly.

  • You have wired glass shower screens. These shower screens – which were very popular many years ago – often get a tick for being effective, but they can really bring down the look of your bathroom. They also suck the light out of your bathroom and make it appear smaller.

  • Your existing shower screen or screens have been damaged or don’t effectively keep water inside the shower. 


Replacing your existing shower screens with clear glass is the answer and it’s what most Adelaide homeowners choose. Clear glass looks great, increases the amount of light in your bathroom and makes it appear more spacious. 


Safety Glass in Shower screens is a must

Another thing to consider is the glass itself. You should never use standard glass in showers screens.

Only safety glass that meets stringent Australian Standards must be used in showers. This is glass that is tough enough to take everyday knocks and bumps and, if it does break, will do so into cube-like granules.

The glass also needs to be the appropriate thickness to suit the shower screen frame configuration.

To keep your family safe, we recommend you use qualified glaziers to replace your shower screen.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Replace Your Shower Screen

The easiest way to replace your shower screens doesn’t take any DIY skills or, in fact, any effort at all.

It simply requires you to either:
(08) 7111 0000
or send us a message

Can you replace your existing shower screens yourself?

Generally, replacing existing shower screens is a job best left to the experts. Potentially, if your current shower screen frames and other hardware are in good condition and you have the right skills and equipment, you could replace your old glass with new yourself.

However, most people will want to update the frames as well, or go frameless or semi-frameless.

Replace your existing shower screens with the Adelaide experts

The easiest way to replace your shower screens doesn’t take any DIY skills or, in fact, any effort at all. It simply requires you to phone (08) 7111 0000 or submit a form on our website. 

Adelaide Shower Screens will then take care of the rest. We will come to your home to conduct a free measure and quote and, when you choose to go ahead, supply your new shower screens and expertly install them.

The time between ordering and installation is very quick and in most circumstances is completed within 14 days.

We guarantee all our workmanship, have a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and materials and have full damage and public liability insurance. 

Adelaide Shower Screens can supply and install a wide range of shower screens to suit your home and your budget. From the luxury of fully frameless and semi-frameless options to the budget-conscious framed shower.

We can also supply and install sliding door shower screens, which are ideal in compact bathrooms and when a swinging door isn’t practical.

Replace your existing shower screens with us today!