If you have a small bathroom that needs renovating, while you can’t make the space any bigger, you can make it appear larger. Using some ‘tricks of the trade’, such as using frameless shower screens, your small bathroom can soon pack a big punch.


8 tricks to make your bathroom appear larger

Choose Glass

When it comes to shower screens, always choose glass. Some options, in particular shower curtains, will close off your bathroom and make it appear smaller. Using glass will allow light to be reflected, helping to make your space lighter and feel larger.

Undermount vanity

When choosing your vanity basin, an undermount model is your best bet. A basin that sits on top of the bench will take up more space. Adding to this is the need for a taller mixer.

Wall-hung toilet and vanity

Choose wall hung options (e.g. toilet and vanity) where possible as this provides more space. However, if storage is an issue for you, you may need to compromise and choose a freestanding vanity instead of a wall hung.

Sliding glass shower screens

Sliding glass shower screens – or a walk-in shower if you have enough space – can make a difference in a small space. Pivoting doors, while great, can reduce the space available and even become a hazard if they hit your vanity or other items.

Natural lighting

Lighting is always important in the bathroom, particularly when your space is small. Natural light is preferable, and if budget and your space allow, a larger window or skylight can be a good addition. However, having enough artificial lights and putting them in the right spots is also vital.

Don’t change the layout. Unless you must.

Consider the layout of your small bathroom carefully. Before you demolish your current bathroom, note where all the items are and what works and what doesn’t. While it’s always cheaper to leave items like the toilet, vanity and shower where they currently are, it makes sense to spend a little more to alleviate issues, particularly in a small space.

Use frameless shower screens.

Choosing glass shower screens will help, but to really make your space seem larger, choose frameless shower screens. The lack of frames and other hardware can really make a difference in how much light is reflected and how spacious your bathroom appears.

Use a free-standing bath

If you have enough space for a bath, choose a freestanding model rather than a bath that is built in. Like choosing wall-hung vanities and toilets, a freestanding bath will help make your space look larger.

Rennovate Your bathroom with a new Shower Screen

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