When considering a bathroom renovation, the sheer number of factors to contemplate can be overwhelming and intimidating for many people.

Crucial decisions must be made regarding fixtures like vanities, toilets and glass shower screens. Tile choices and colour schemes require careful consideration. Plus, there’s the question of whether to hire a project manager or coordinate trades yourself. That’s not to mention the decisions related to budget and timeframes.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin what should be a fun and rewarding project.

If you’re thinking about renovating your Adelaide home’s bathroom, seeking expert guidance is an excellent way to navigate the confusion. Expert advice, such as our 10 essential bathroom renovation tips, can provide valuable clarity in the renovation process.

10 key bathroom renovation tips

  1. List your bathroom likes and dislikes:
    Whether it’s a friend’s home or a hotel stay, you’ve probably used several bathrooms in the last few years. Jot down the things you’ve liked about those bathrooms and the things you’ve disliked. You will of course be limited by your own bathroom’s dimensions, but this exercise helps clarify what you need and want.
  2. Get inspired:
    Research the latest bathroom trends online and seek inspiration from magazines. This will help you explore the various styles and find one that resonates with you. It will also help you decide on fixtures, such as your glass shower screens.
  3. Visit showrooms:
    There are many bathroom showrooms in Adelaide and if you visited them all you’d need a year and would probably confuse yourself more! Pick a few to visit to find out about bathroom trends and see products ‘in the flesh’. Also, don’t forget speciality showrooms like Adelaide Shower Screens in the Adelaide suburb of Wingfield.
  4. Lighting:
    Lighting is a crucial element in any bathroom design and if you’re renovating, it’s probably something that’s lacking in your existing design. Ensuring your bathroom is well-lit will create a welcoming atmosphere and help with practical tasks. If natural light isn’t abundant, focus on using appropriate lighting and carefully consider aspects such as your tiles and colour scheme to make the most with the light you do have.
  5. Measure and choose products carefully:
    Understand the dimensions of your bathroom space and measure key areas before selecting products. This preparation helps you choose products that fit your space perfectly, preventing issues during installation and ensuring there’s enough space to move around.
  6. Layout: When you’re renovating a bathroom, as opposed to building a bathroom for a new home, it’s tempting to keep the same layout to reduce costs. However, if something isn’t working for you it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to get it changed.
    Common examples include the position of your shower and shower mixer, and your electrics. Generally, changing positions of these elements won’t add a lot to your total budget.
  7. Consider maintenance:
    You want your new bathroom to look the best, but you also want it to be easy to keep clean and maintain. Therefore, select materials with this in mind. For example, glass shower screens are easier to clean than many alternatives, and they’re virtually maintenance-free.
  8. Be realistic about your budget:
    While you might only want to spend a few thousand dollars, if you’re totally renovating your bathroom, you’ll likely need to budget more. According to hipages, renovating a bathroom can cost anywhere from $8000 to $35,000 and you can easily spend more than this. While everyone likes to save, be realistic and do the job right. This doesn’t mean having an open chequebook, however. Set a realistic budget and stick to it as closely as possible.
  9. Consider timelines:
    The time required to complete a bathroom renovation will depend on factors such as the size, the quality and who’s doing the job. You’ll likely need at least two weeks and often more. When you know when you want to begin your renovation, ensure everything is ordered well in advance. Waiting for products like tiles or glass shower screens to arrive is certainly not desirable.
  10. Waterproofing: You might not see it and it is an additional expense, but you should always ensure your bathroom is well waterproofed. If you’re contracting out the renovation, ensure waterproofing is included in the quote and ask questions about how this part of the project will be completed.

Seek professional help for your glass shower screens and more.

There is one additional tip that you should consider for your bathroom renovation and that’s getting professional help. Even if you will project manage the job yourself and do some of the work, you will need to get professionals such as plumbers and electricians in.

It’s also worth considering a bathroom designer to create a bathroom for you that is truly special.

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