If you’re considering replacing your current shower screen, before you rush out looking for a shower screen supply and install firm, it’s worth considering the alternatives. Glass shower screens certainly are popular and for most people are the best option, but they are not the only choice on the market.

Considering Shower Screen Options

Glass Shower Screens

Glass shower screens are the most popular choice, and for good reason. They help create a spacious and airy feel in the bathroom and enhance the overall visual appeal. Glass allows natural light to flow freely, brightening your space and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Glass is easy to clean and maintain and resists water stains and mould. The sleek and minimalistic design of glass showers complements various interior styles, from contemporary to traditional. Just as importantly, they do a mighty fine job of keeping water in your shower enclosure where it belongs.

Shower Curtains

Before glass shower screens took over, shower curtains were widely used. Nowadays, they’re not usually the first choice unless a cheap option is required.

Still, shower curtains have improved from the plastic ones that were once all the rage. While plastic shower curtains are still available, you can also use a shower curtain that looks more like a window curtain with a waterproof backing. These can be customised to match your bathroom’s décor.

Partial Shower Screen

An option growing in popularity is a partial glass shower screen, often called a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower involves having a fixed glass panel or two covering part of your enclosure. A gap is left for an entry/exit point. A walk-in shower does require a little extra space, so won’t suit all bathrooms.

You must also accept that some water can escape the enclosure, particularly in small bathrooms, so a little mopping with your shower mat after showers may be required.

Partial Shower Screen Variations

Variations to the walk-in shower include ditching the fixed glass panel for a partial wall made of glass blocks or stone. A tiled wall is another option. These do tend to close off bathrooms and inhibit the flow of natural light, so are best used in larger bathrooms and where there’s plenty of natural and artificial light.

Other alternatives are in use, although these are mostly considered niche solutions. For example, using live plants to form a screen and wood, steel or aluminium grids and panels (with or without glass panels).

No shower screen

Finally, there’s the alternative of no shower screen at all. This is also becoming popular. Like the walk-in shower, you do need to accept that water will escape from your shower area.

This means your entire bathroom needs to be waterproofed and any items close to your shower needs to be waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Glass shower screen supply and install.

While there are alternatives, most people will be very clear about their best option and that’s a glass shower screen. If you live in Adelaide, the next question is finding a business to supply and install your shower screen and the solution is just as clear.

Adelaide Shower Screens are experts when it comes to the supply and install of all types of shower screens, including framed, semi-frameless and frameless. With a 10-year guarantee on hardware and materials, and a guarantee on all our workmanship, we’re clearly the best choice in the Adelaide area.

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