If you’re in the market for new glass shower screens for your Adelaide home, you may have some key considerations in mind. For example, your list might include aspects such as style, price, colour options and a quick turnaround.

There’s one key consideration that most of us should add to our lists and that’s low maintenance. When you go to the effort and expense of organising new glass showers screens, you want to know that you have many years of carefree use to look forward to.

So, how do you make sure your new screens will be low maintenance?

Key considerations for low-maintenance shower screens

  1. Safety Glass
    Ensure your glass complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1288 and 2208. Glass that meets the standards will be tough enough to withstand most knocks. However, if it does break, it will shatter into cube-like pieces rather than shards and therefore pose less of a safety hazard.
  2. Glass thickness
    Make sure the thickness of your glass shower screens suits your application. Framed shower screens can use 4mm thick glass, because it’s supported on all sides. For semi-frameless, you’ll need at least 6mm thick glass and frameless 10mm.
  3. Corroded shower fittings
    Over time, most fixtures and accessories in a shower will corrode due to the wet and warm environment. Shower screen parts, such as hinges, handles, and frames, are not immune. In general, it pays to spend a little more to ensure you have parts that will look better and last longer.
  4. Quality is key
    The use of quality materials is important, as is quality workmanship and installation. Careless installation can result in problems such as misalignment of shower screen panels and incorrect fitting of sealing strips. This, in turn, can result in your shower screens not working as they should and, in some cases leaking.
  5. Fixed Shower screen
    If you’re after a glass shower screen with the lowest possible maintenance, go for a fixed shower screen, otherwise known as a walk-in shower. You do need a bit of space to pull these off but they’re certainly on-trend. And they’re very low maintenance, with no moving parts. They’re also a little easier to keep clean.
  6. Frameless shower screens are the easiest to clean.
    On the subject of cleaning, which after all can be considered as maintenance, frameless screens are the easiest to clean. This is due to the lack of frames and slimline hardware. Semi-frameless is a good compromise.
  7. Pivoting & swinging doors are lower maintenance
    While a sliding glass shower screen system is perfect for some bathrooms, particularly when space is an issue, pivoting and swinging doors are generally lower maintenance. There’s simply less that can go wrong with a pivoting or swinging door and they’re much easier to keep clean.

Adelaide Shower Screens – the people you can trust

Perhaps the number one key consideration for a low-maintenance glass shower screen is to choose a supplier you can trust. One that will give you the best advice, a competitive price, quality workmanship and quality installation.

In Adelaide, that’s Adelaide Shower Screens. We guarantee our workmanship, with a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and materials. Our installers are fully trained, qualified and highly skilled. Plus, we offer sound advice to guide you in making the best possible decision for your bathroom.

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