Most people know the glass that is used in shower screens is different from normal glass, but do you know why? Why is it considered stronger and safer, and how exactly is it made?

In this blog we’ll explain the answers to these questions and take a closer look at the manufacturing process.

Glass shower screens are tough.

The glass that is used in shower screens is commonly referred to as toughened glass. It’s an appropriate name because it’s at least five times strong than normal glass. Perfect for bathrooms, for sure, but you’ll also see toughened glass used in glass roofing, pool fences, balustrades and vehicles for the same safety reasons.

How toughened glass is made.

To make toughened glass, it first needs to be cut to size. This is necessary because any attempt to cut the glass once toughened would see it shatter into hundreds of pieces. 

Once the glass is cut to the exact size, it is heated in a furnace. Temperatures can vary, but generally, the glass needs to be heated to over 600 degrees Celsius.

After heating, the glass is then cooled very fast by blasting compressed air over all surfaces. This causes the surfaces to shrink and compress while the inside remains free to ‘float’, creating tension on the glass’s inside.

Once the glass goes through this process, it can withstand temperature changes more readily (ie thermal stresses and shock), bending forces (ie flexural strength) and stretching forces (ie tensile strength).

While it’s a whole lot tougher than normal glass, what doesn’t change are the characteristics of glass we’ve come to love. That is, there is no change to the colour, clarity, light transmission and other characteristics that we appreciate in glass.

While there’s no doubt that the toughened glass used in shower screens in Adelaide is strong, by no means is it unbreakable. Another important aspect of toughened glass is that if it breaks, it will crumble into cube-like pieces. While you may receive minor cuts from these pieces of glass, it’s much safer than the potential injuries that could be caused by normal glass, which shatters into dagger-like sections.

Tough, tick. Safe, tick. It’s easy to see why glass shower screens are clearly better than other alternatives.

Adelaide Shower Screens only uses toughened glass.

If you’re replacing your shower screens or installing glass shower screens in your bathroom for the first time, always make sure you or your supplier only uses toughened glass. If you use a reputable provider, you can be confident it will be the correct glass, that complies with the appropriate Australian Standards, but it’s worth asking anyway.

Here at Adelaide Shower Screens, we only use toughened glass that complies with the Australian Standard AS 1288/2006. We’ll even provide a certificate of compliance to prove it. All our shower screen glass is cut to size, toughened to exacting standards and then delivered to our customers’ bathrooms for expert fitting and installation.

It’s one of the reasons we’re confident enough to offer a 10-year guarantee on all our materials.

To make sure your shower screens are tough and safe, phone Adelaide Shower Screens on 08 7111 0000 or submit a form on our website to organise a quote.

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