There are many wonderful things about spending time in a hotel, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Slipping on your bathrobe, raiding the mini-bar and watching trashy TV for example. Then, there’s the spacious shower to step into and the pristine clean glass shower screens.

Have you ever wondered how hotels keep their glass shower screens so clean? Do they use some magical cleaning solution or a secret cloth or sponge, or is it just down to sheer hard work?

Let’s dispel a myth right off the bat. There is no magical product, cloth or sponge that hotels use to clean glass shower screens or any other mysterious secret. It’s simply a combination of using the right product, choosing the correct items to wipe down the glass, good technique and regular cleaning.

Glass shower screen cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning products, hotels would really be no different to a home environment, with plenty of options chosen. Some hotels use a commercial glass cleaner, while others use their own solution. For example:

  • Ammonia and water
  • Vinegar and water
  • Lemon juice and water
  • Dishwashing liquid and water

Cloth, sponge or something else?

For items to wipe down your glass shower screens, again there are several options that hotels would use and you can use at home. Commercial glass cleaning spray manufacturer Windex recommends:

  • Paper towel, but only untreated varieties and preferably ones that are not super-absorbent, as they can leave behind a film.
  • Lint-free cloths. Microfibre cloths are perfect, but any lint-free cloth or towel will do.
  • Newspaper is another good option.
  • Even old cotton diapers

Glass shower screen cleaning techniques

There’s no real secret technique that hotels would use to clean their glass shower screens, either.

Depending on the product being used, generally, it’s a matter of spraying on, leaving for a few minutes, wiping clean with one of the items mentioned in the above section, then using a clean, dry microfibre or other lint-free cloth to remove any streaks.

If there’s any ‘secret’ it’s perhaps this last step. Many people don’t dry their glass at home, which can lead to remaining streaks and marks. Hotels will always thoroughly dry the glass after cleaning.

Clean regularly

There is one other ‘secret’ that hotels use to keep glass shower screens clean and it’s something we can all learn from at home. Clean your glass regularly.

Hotels sometimes clean their glass shower screens daily, although you certainly don’t need to be this disciplined. A thorough clean using the steps outlined above every two to three weeks will remove soap scum build-up and hard water stains, which are the main culprits for dirty shower screens.

Another tip that homeowners can use to keep their glass shower screens clean is to squeegee the inside of the glass after every shower. This will remove most of the soap scum and water droplets from your shower. A 30-second job that can help keep your glass shower screens looking as clean as those in any good hotel.