House blocks in Adelaide and across Australia are shrinking and so too is the size of homes. So what does this mean for bathrooms? You guessed it, they’re getting smaller. But don’t worry if you do have a small bathroom.

We have some tips to make it look bigger, including using glass shower screens.

Blocks and homes getting smaller

The news that blocks and homes are getting smaller on average wouldn’t come as a surprise to most. In most parts of our capital cities, single dwellings are being knocked down to construct two and even more townhouses.

This is backed up by data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which found that the average block size in Australia’s capital cities dropped from 496m2 in 2012 to 432m2 in 2021. In Adelaide, during the same period, it dropped from 498m2 to 468m2. During the corresponding period, the average floor area of homes in Australian capital cities dropped from 245m2 to 496m2. Certainly not a significant change, but the trend is for smaller dwellings.

The upshot is that many of us live in homes with small bathrooms. The average size Australian bathroom is around 3m X 2m. If you live in an apartment or unit, your bathroom may be even smaller.

New houses are being built on smaller blocks

Tips for smaller bathrooms

What can you do if you do have a small bathroom? Here are some tips from Adelaide Shower Screens.

1. Install Glass Shower Screens

We might be biased, but the most important thing you can do is install glass shower screens in your Adelaide bathroom. Glass will bounce light around your bathroom and make it seem bigger than it is.

2. Avoid Shower Curtains

Avoid products like shower curtains, which suck light, create barriers and will make your bathroom appear smaller.

3. Simple light colours

Keep your colours simple and, in general, choose light colours for a small bathroom. If in doubt, use white or off-white.

4. Use mirrors to create space

A mirror isn’t just a practical item, it will help make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter than it is. While space may restrict the size of your mirror, opt for a reasonably large one if you can.

5. Frameless or Semi-frameless shower screens

Choose frameless or semi-frameless glass shower screens. These options maximise light and transparency and are perfect for small bathrooms.

6. Maximise the amount of light

Light can play a key part in determining how big your bathroom looks. Increase the amount of natural light entering your bathroom if possible and add the right amount of lighting to ensure your bathroom is well lit, without being too bright.

7. Space-efficient storage

Storage can be an issue in a small bathroom. Ideas to improve storage include:

  • shower niches
  • cabinets with a mirror for essentials
  • shelving and hooks
  • and storing less-needed items in other parts of your Adelaide home.

8. Keep reflective surfaces clean

Keep your glass shower screens, mirrors and other reflective items clean. Glass shower screens, in particular, can become cloudy and get etched if not cleaned regularly.

9. Keep it tidy too

Keep your bathroom tidy. If you have items all over the vanity benchtop, floor and elsewhere, your small bathroom is going to look and feel even smaller.

10. Avoid bulky items

Avoid bulky items when choosing, for example, vanities, towel rails, light fittings, toilets, bathroom mixers and hardware for your glass shower screens.

11. Use larger tiles

Use larger tiles if renovating your bathroom. With fewer lines and grouting, your bathroom will appear taller and broader than it is.

12. Sliding glass shower screen door

Consider using a sliding glass shower screen door if the space is very tight. These aren’t our preferred option, as more moving parts means there’s more that can go wrong, but in a small bathroom, they can be handy.