Whether your glass shower screen leaks like a sieve, has been broken by one of the kids or is threatening to come off its hinges, it’s time to bite the bullet and get repairs done. But who will you call in Adelaide to get shower screen repairs carried out?

Shower screen issues

Glass shower screens are actually very durable and generally, little does go wrong. Plus, if your shower screen was installed in the last few decades, chances are it’s very robust, because it’s likely to feature Australian Standards toughened glass.

Broken Safety Glass

Smashed safety glass is less likely to injure

However, that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. For example:

  • Breakage
    A solid hit – perhaps against the vanity or toilet – can chip a glass shower screen and even break it.
    The good thing is, as long as it’s toughened glass that’s made to Australian Standards, the glass will break into hundreds of small cube-like pieces. You may cut your feet, but it’s a whole lot better than non-toughened glass that can break into sharp, dangerous shards.
  • Corrosion
    The frame around the edge of your glass shower screen can corrode and deteriorate and sometimes come apart.
  • Sliding Door tracks 
    Issues with sliding glass shower screen tracks can make doors difficult to open and close.
    In some cases, the sliding door can even come off its tracks.
  • Hinge issues 
    Pivoting door hinges can also cause issues.
    For example, screws can come loose, hinges can rust over time and not work correctly, and doors can become misaligned.
  • Leaks
    Leaks can occur at various points, particularly around the edges that have seals.
  • Scratched or etched glass
    In addition, glass shower screens can be scratched, etched or become so dirty that they become difficult to clean.

repair or replace showerscreenRepair or replace?

Before you do replace your glass shower screens, it may be worth investigating whether they can be repaired. Many of the issues mentioned above can be repaired, saving you lots of money.

However, glass shower screens won’t last forever, and eventually, you will need to replace yours. For example, if you have several issues with your showerscreen, or the glass has become so etched and dirty that it simply can’t be cleaned, or even if your shower screens are simply so old that replacement parts are no longer available.

Adelaide Shower Screens do repairs too

One of the benefits of contacting Adelaide Shower Screens is that while we measure, supply and install new glass shower screens, we also conduct repairs.

So, if your shower screens need repairing, we can help. However, if repairs can’t be carried out for some reason, we can provide you with a free measure and quote to get new screens.

Importantly, we can get your shower back in working order as quickly as possible. Phone Adelaide Shower Screens on 7111 0000 to get the ball rolling today.

Does your Insurance policy cover shower screen repairs?

If your existing glass shower screen has broken, you may be able to claim it on insurance. Always check with your insurance provider, as it will depend on your level of cover.

If you can make an insurance claim and your shower screens need to be replaced, you’ll usually only be covered for the replacement cost of a similar shower screen. If you did want to upgrade, you often simply pay the difference in the price.

Repair or Replace Your Shower Screen

The easiest way to repair or replace your shower screens doesn’t take any DIY skills or, in fact, any effort at all.

It simply requires you to either:
(08) 7111 0000
or send us a message