Bathrooms have certainly changed over the years. While once they were simply a place to have a shower or bath, do your teeth and conduct other basic requirements, today they are so much more.

Today’s bathrooms still need to be highly practical. They also need to be stylish and reflect your home and personal characteristics. In fact, after your kitchen, the bathroom is often the most important room of your home.

Which is why frameless showers screens should be your first choice if you’re looking to renovate or replace your existing screens.

Nine reasons to consider frameless shower screens for your Adelaide bathroom

  1. When compared with other types of shower screens, frameless screens allow natural and artificial light to better penetrate your bathroom. This is due to the lack of light-soaking frames and increased glass area, which reflects the light.
  2. Frameless shower screens will make any bathroom appear larger. Again, this is due to the lack of frames and increased reflection of the glass. This might not to be so important if your bathroom is large but certainly helpful if you have a small bathroom in your Adelaide home.
  3. Frameless shower screens fit neatly with the minimalist style that many of us are trying to create in our homes. However, while they certainly are minimalist, another benefit is that they will fit any style of home and bathroom. This is due to their lack of frames and unobtrusive hardware. This makes them style-neutral and allows them to be used in traditional as well as modern bathrooms.
  4. If you’re looking for a bathroom to escape the pressures and stress of normal life, then frameless shower screens are perfect. They help create a spa-like look in your bathroom, helping to create a feeling of sanctuary and relaxation.
  5. Frameless shower screens will help showcase the other parts of your shower or bath and shower in the case of a wet space. This could be your tiles, a shower niche, your showerheads and whatever else you have behind the screen that’s too nice to hide.
  6. Strength isn’t an issue with frameless shower screens, because thicker, toughened glass is used. This makes up for the lack of frames and ensures your screen is a lot tougher than it may look.
  7. There are so few parts on a frameless shower screen that they are virtually maintenance-free. However, if something does crop up, it’s likely the issue will be a very easy to fix.
  8. Frameless shower screens are perfect if you’re renovating your bathroom and want a walk-in shower.
  9. Last, but certainly not least, frameless shower screens are easier to clean. Shower screen frames are prone to harbour soap scum, lime scale and other undesirables and create areas that can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

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Convinced about the benefits of frameless shower screens?

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