Do you have a leak in your bathroom? We’re not talking about your young son who has trouble with his aim or a dripping basin tap, we’re talking about shower screens. Leaking shower screens are quite a common issue, so let’s look at how to get them fixed and start enjoying a relaxing, leak-proof shower again.

Clearing up an issue

First and foremost, we should say this post is looking at issues with glass shower screens. If you have a shower curtain or similar flimsy means of trying to keep water from exiting your shower area, you need a new glass shower screen. See our Shower screen buying guide for tips.

Water on glassIf your glass shower screen is the culprit and it’s not doing what it’s primarily designed to do – that is, keep water inside the shower cubicle where it belongs – it’s a good idea to take a quick look yourself to see if you can spot the cause of the leak.

Pay particular attention to where your glass shower screen meets the wall, where it meets the floor, where a pivoting door or sliding door meets other glass panels and hardware.

  • Most glass shower screens are sealed around the edges with silicone sealant. A common cause of water leaks is the sealant, either because of age or because the job wasn’t done properly in the first place.
  • Some shower screens have ‘sweeps’ attached to the bottom of the door to prevent leaks. Over time, these sweeps can break down and become less effective.
  • Likewise, you may have seals on the edges of your shower screens (particularly between a fixed panel and a door) that aren’t effectively keeping water from escaping.
  • Take a look at your shower screen’s hardware to see if, for example, a hinge or door handle has come loose.

Don’t worry if you can’t identify where the leak is coming from. Sometimes it’s not easy and other times there is more than one issue at play.

It’s also worth pointing out that while you may think your leak is caused by the glass shower screen, there’s a chance it’s not. In some cases, this can be more of a problem because while leaks from glass shower screens are annoying, they generally don’t cause major problems if you get them fixed quickly. Other leaks, however, can cause mould growth and damage to the internal structures of your wall and floor. So, don’t stick your head in the sand. Give an expert a call to investigate.

Getting the leak fixed

If you’re a handy DIYer you may be able to fix some issues yourself. For example, removing old, worn silicon sealant and then reapplying is something that you may be able to handle. Likewise, sourcing and installing a new sweep or seal.

If you’re less of a DIY star and more of a klutz around the home, of you’re unsure whether you can fix the issue, it’s best to call in the professionals, such as Adelaide Shower Screens. We don’t just supply and install new glass shower screens, we also conduct repairs. We can even replace a single broken glass panel in your shower cubicle if needed.


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Fix or Replace?

Sometimes the best way to fix your shower screen is to replace it with a beautiful new one.

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