We like to think we’re pretty positive people here at Adelaide Shower Screens, which is why our blogs generally focus on the rosier aspects of glass shower screens.

But it is worth highlighting some of the mistakes homeowners and installers can make, so that you won’t make them too.

Shower Screen Door Hitting its Surrounds​

If you’re an avid reader of our blogs, you’ll know that glass shower screens are pretty tough, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to bang into a toilet or vanity regularly.

This is not just poor design, annoying and potentially costly, but there are simple ways to avoid it. For example, a sliding door or a fixed glass walk-in shower, instead of a pivoting door, can eliminate this issue.

Water Puddling on the Floor

Your glass shower screen is designed to keep water in your shower enclosure, not allow it to puddle on your bathroom floor. There are a variety of potential reasons for this issue, including a shoddy installation where the shower screen hasn’t been sealed correctly.

The issue can also be caused by homeowners wanting to put a walk-in-shower into a bathroom that’s simply too small. Ideally, any walk-in-shower should be at least 100cms X 150cms.

Shower Opening too small

Some shower openings are so small you need to be a child or an Olympic athlete to get into them without pulling a hamstring or bumping your elbows.

A shower opening should be at least 56cms but if you’re a little on the larger size or there are accessibility challenges you may need to go much wider than this.

Don’t put up with a dodgy shower screen

Many homeowners put up with showers with glass screens that give them no end of pain. The shower screens may wobble, the door won’t open properly, the glass is so scummed-up you haven’t been able to see out for 20 years, or the glass screens belong in a museum.

Replacing your old shower screen for a quality, new glass shower screen isn’t cheap, but it is affordable. Get a quote from a reputable supplier and installer (that’s us!) today.

Shower mixer in the right location

To turn the water on, you need to put your arm and part of your body under the shower, leaving you with a cold feeling every time. This, again, is a design issue. If you’re renovating, you will be able to move the shower mixer valve to fix this. If you’re only replacing the screens, you may be able to choose a different door opening type of configuration to help you solve or reduce the issue.

Get the right glass type for your shower screen

Discuss the style of glass that suits your shower screen, your bathroom and of course your taste. We can provide a range of classic, modern and clear glass types. Also, the shower screen type will also dictate the glass thickness.

Choosing the right glass type for your shower screen will ensure you have a beautiful yet functional shower and bathroom. Speak to our designers about the best shower screen glass type for your bathroom project.

Adelaide Shower Screens for your glass shower screens

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With our advice, quality products and experienced, professional installers, we’ll set you on the right path to shower heaven!