Debunking myths about frameless showers

Have you got a mate who’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist and believes most myths they hear? The one that if you got into a conversation about frameless showers, will tell you they leak, break easily and are difficult to clean?

Here’s a tip. Don’t listen to your friend. Instead, look at our common myths about frameless showers debunked. And next time you need new glass shower screens for your Adelaide home, call us, not your conspiracy theorist friend!

5 common myths about frameless glass shower screens

Myth 1 – Frameless showers are easy to break

Perhaps the most popular myth is that frameless glass shower screens are easy to break, but this simply isn’t true. They do appear fragile, but they’re very robust. That’s because they’re made using toughened glass that’s thicker than framed and semi-frameless models. Perhaps not as thick as your conspiracy theorist mate, however!

Frameless showers are designed for everyday use and this include impacts. We’re not suggesting you hit your frameless shower with a hammer to test it, but it is resistant to breakage. And if it does break, it will shatter into small pieces that are far less likely to cause injury.

Myth 2 – Frameless showers leak

If your frameless shower screen leaks, to steal a line from a major optometrist, you should have gone to Adelaide Shower Screens. A properly designed and installed frameless glass shower screen is watertight and will not leak. If you had your screens installed by Dodgy Brothers Inc. you may well experience leaking!

Myth 3 – They’re hard to clean and maintain

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, frameless showers are easier to clean because of the lack of frames, hardware and nooks and crannies. All that’s required is a bit of elbow grease and a regular glass cleaning regime and your shower screens will look as good as new for many, many years.

Likewise, some people believe they require regular maintenance but this simply isn’t so. Professionally installed frameless screens require little if any, maintenance.

Myth 4 – Frameless showers are very expensive

This myth does have some basis in that frameless showers are more expensive than both framed and semi-frameless versions. That’s because frameless screens cost more to produce because of the thicker glass and cost more to install because it’s a two-person job.

But very expensive? We don’t believe so. Frameless shower screen prices start at around a thousand dollars installed and go up from there depending primarily on the size and number of panels required. A small price to pay for the minimalist elegance they provide.

Myth 5 – Frameless screens only suit modern bathrooms

This can be subjective, but most design specialists agree that you don’t need a modern bathroom to enjoy a frameless shower screen. Frameless glass shower screens can complement a wide range of bathroom styles, from contemporary to traditional.

Their minimalistic design can add elegance to any space and they are often used in both modern and classic bathroom designs.

Fact – Adelaide Shower Screens is the best supplier and installer in Adelaide

Is it a fact that Adelaide Shower Screens is your best option if you’re after new frameless shower screens for your Adelaide home? With our competitive prices, quality materials and professional installers, it’s definitely a fact and not a myth.

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