What’s the highlight of your holidays and long weekends away? Is it the food and the attractions, or is it simply getting time to relax and spend time with family? For some, a key charm of getting away is the hotel room or resort, particularly the stylish bathroom. So, what if we said you can create a hotel-style bathroom in your Adelaide home, complete with frameless shower screens? Let’s show you how!

Create the feeling of space

Luxury hotel bathrooms are usually lucky enough to have lots of space. You might not be able to enlarge your bathroom when renovating, but you can give the illusion of space. By using features such as large-format tiles, glass shower screens and a large mirror, your bathroom will at least appear larger.

Limit the tile variations

On the subject of tiles, while it’s tempting to use several styles, colours, sizes and shapes, often it can be better to choose only one or maybe two. Using the same tiles on the floor and walls is one way to create a hotel-style look.

Wall hung toilets

Many trendy hotel bathrooms will include features such as wall-hung toilets and basins or vanities, and this is something you can replicate in your bathroom renovation. It also makes cleaning your bathroom easier.

Use Frameless Shower Screens

New glass shower screens are always luxurious, but for the hotel look use frameless shower screens. They’re streamlined, create more light and, as highlighted above, will help to make your bathroom appear larger.

Create some concealed storage

Many luxury hotel bathrooms include open storage areas for towels and other accessories. However, it also pays to include some concealed storage to hide away the items that can clutter your bathroom.

Add a Shower niche

A virtual must is a shower niche to hold your shampoos, soaps and other shower essentials. Combine it with strip lighting and the luxury hotel look will be complete!


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Sophisticated Tapware

Luxury hotels will always feature sophisticated tapware and accessories. If your budget allows, also consider items such as a sensor mixer and waterfall shower head.

Smart toilets

If you’ve ever enjoyed a holiday in Japan, chances are you’ll have appreciated the experience of using a smart toilet. These are toilets that can heat the seat, help clean your nether regions and even dry them! They can feature night lights and self-flushing too. All you need do is sit and do your business!

Add heating

Your holiday destination may have been warm, but Adelaide certainly isn’t in winter. Add some warmth to your bathroom with items such as underfloor heating, heated towel rails and heat lamps.

A large shower space

A generously-sized shower is also a feature of most luxury hotels. If you have the space, allow plenty of room for your shower and potentially include a walk-in shower. This is achieved by installing a fixed frameless shower glass panel with no door.

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