While spring cleaning does not get many Adelaide people excited, the end result makes it worthwhile. For example, having shower screens that are clear, bright and lustrous can bring your bathroom to life, but how can you achieve this?

Let’s look at Adelaide Shower Screens top tips for keeping your shower screens clean without using harsh chemicals.

Shower Screen Cleaning Tips

  • Several options you likely have lying around your home can help you achieve clean shower screens. For example, dishwashing detergent and water, undiluted lemon juice, baking soda with a bit of water added to make a paste or a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water will do the trick.
  • If using dishwashing detergent and water, apply to the glass with a damp cloth and then rinse off.
  • For lemon juice, sponge onto your glass shower screens and leave for five minutes. Then simply rinse.
  • When using the vinegar mix, applying with a spray bottle is the best idea. Leave for five minutes, clean with a cloth or sponge and then rinse.
  • For the baking soda, apply to your shower screens and leave for five minutes. You can then rinse with warm water. For even better results, spray with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and then rinse.

More Cleaning Tips

  • Regular cleaning of your glass showers is important to prevent the build-up of soap, water marks, scum and other deposits that can eventually damage your glass. Once a year in spring just won’t cut it, so try to clean around once a month.
  • Frameless and semi frameless shower screens make cleaning a little easier, due to their lack of frames or reduced number and size.
  • If your glass shower screens are beyond cleaning and no matter what you do they still look dull and murky, then it may be time to organise new shower screens.

If you’re in the Adelaide area, contact us by phoning 7111 0000 to organise a free measure and quote.

How to clean stubborn stains or shower screens that are dull and murky.

For glass shower screens that haven’t been cleaned for some time, you might need to go a little further to get them sparkling clean. There are a variety of commercial cleaning products you can try, but again you can try products from around your home.

  • A small amount of dishwashing detergent applied directly can help remove stubborn stains and grime.
  • With the glass dry, soak paper towels in white vinegar and apply to every interior surface of your shower screen. Leave in  place for an hour or a longer, before removing and rinsing thoroughly. Cleaning your glass using dishwashing detergent and water, as described above, is an option before rinsing to help clean the glass and remove the smell of the vinegar.
  • Add household ammonia to a spray bottle with about one litre of water. Spray onto the glass, wait five minutes and then scrub the glass with a sponge or cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Ammonia has a very strong odour so open a window before doing this.
    Also, wear gloves and keep the ammonia solution away from you and your skin.

Does your shower screen need a clean?

Replace Your Shower Screen

The easiest way to replace your shower screens doesn’t take any DIY skills or, in fact, any effort at all.

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