Are You Considering a New Shower Screen?

Whether you’re focused on a complete bathroom renovation in your home or simply replacing an old, tired or broken shower screen, do some research and you’ll quickly find that there is more than one style you can choose. For some people, choice is great, while for others it’s simply confusing. So, here is Adelaide Shower Screens definitive guide on choosing the best style of shower screen for your home.

Three shower screen styles to choose for your Adelaide home

What are the different shower screen styles you can choose? You may be thankful to know that there are only three – framed, frameless or semi-frameless – referring to whether there are supporting frames on all, none or only some of the edges of the shower screen.

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Framed shower screens

As you’d probably expect, are those screens that are supported on all sides by frames.

Generally the frames are chrome, but black frames are also becoming popular.

One of the biggest benefits of framed shower screens is that because the glass is supported on all sides, it can be lighter.

This means it’s generally the cheapest choice and perfect if you’re on a budget. They may be cheaper. but they are not cheap or nasty in any way.

In fact, framed shower screens can often by the most reliable and dependable choice.

framed shower screen

Frameless Shower Screens

At the opposite end of the scale from framed shower screens are frameless shower screens. No frames on shower screens are becoming increasingly popular, partly because they fit the minimalist look that so many people desire.

As well as looking minimalist, frameless shower screens help make spaces seem larger and lighter, which can be particularly advantageous in ensuites or small bathroom spaces.

They’re also a little easier to clean. The disadvantage is the price. With no frames for support, frameless shower screens must have thicker glass and this comes at a premium.

Fully Frameless Shower Screen

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Which finally leaves semi-frameless shower screens. They have thin frames around only some of the edges of the glass.

Like frameless screens, they do require thicker glass than their framed cousins, but they are generally a little less costly than frameless screens.

They’re perhaps the perfect compromise if you’re tossing up between the styles.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

So, which is best for your Adelaide home? Well, we did say this was going to be a definitive guide, so you’d expect a choice… But we’re going to disappoint!

Really, there is no right or wrong decision and it will generally come down to your own needs. If your budget is tight, the framed shower screen is likely to stand out. While if you’re less budget-conscious and you’re looking for a minimalist, modern look, the frameless and semi-frameless may be best.

 One choice for shower screen supply and installation

While choosing a shower screen style may be difficult, choosing a supplier and installer isn’t. Adelaide Shower Screens are simply the best.

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