Whether you’re building a new home in Adelaide, renovating your bathroom or ensuite, or simply replacing your shower screen, you’ll eventually be faced with a question that has confused and annoyed many. That is, how do you choose the best shower screen for you?

The good news is that while there are various options available – and thus the reason for the confusion – choosing the right shower screen for your Adelaide home isn’t too difficult. In fact, with these tips from Adelaide Shower Screens, you’ll be making your decision in no time.

Framed, frameless or semi-frameless shower screens

You’ve perhaps heard of the terms framed, frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, so let’s explain exactly what each means.

Framed shower screens are supported on all sides by supporting frames. These could be considered the more traditional shower screens and were used in most bathrooms and ensuites before semi-frameless and frameless screens became a trend. Framed shower screens do have advantages. Lighter glass can be used, which makes them an excellent budget option. 

Frameless or shower screens with no frames have become very popular, particularly over the last decade or so. Their seamless design creates a very elegant and minimalist look that is perfect for modern and contemporary bathrooms and ensuites. Frameless shower screens help make spaces look larger and lighter. They feature thicker glass to ensure durability, which makes frameless screens more expensive than their counterparts. However, for many people the expense is worth it.

Then, of course, there’s the semi-frameless shower screen, with a thin but strong frame around the edges of the glass. It strikes the perfect compromise between budget, family-friendly, style and look. The perfect choice if you’re having trouble deciding between the framed and frameless options!

Which shower screen is best for you Adelaide home?

To decide which is the best shower screen option for your Adelaide ensuite or bathroom, consider your budget, the size of your space and maintenance needs:


As we’ve mentioned in the sections above, if you’re after a cost-effective option, a framed shower screen is a great choice. However, if you’re prepared to spend a little more and want a more seamless look, then the semi-frameless option is definitely worth considering.

Space and size

The space and size of your bathroom or ensuite is important, particularly if it’s on the small size. In these small spaces, a frameless shower screens shines out. With its lack of frames and other parts, it will help make your small space appear bigger.

One thing we didn’t mention above is that, as well different enclosure styles, you can also choose different glass tints and opacities to suit your space and style. In most bathrooms, particularly one lacking natural light, clear is obviously best. However, if privacy is a concern or your bathroom is very bright, you may want to consider these options.


Maintenance needs

Nobody enjoys cleaning bathrooms, so reducing maintenance is important. Again, this is an area that frameless shower screens stand out. Frameless screens are easier to clean than framed or semi-frameless, simply because of the lack of frames and other parts. Generally, clear glass is also easier to clean than tinted or opaque glass.