If you’re in the market for a new shower screen for your Adelaide bathroom, there’s a lot to consider. From what type of screen to choose to who you will get to do the installation, and a whole lot in between. 

To help, here is Adelaide Shower Screens top 5 things to consider, starting with an easy choice, what type of shower screen you should choose.

Top 5 shower screen considerations

What type of shower screen should you choose?

While there are many shower screen options you could choose for your Adelaide home, there is really only one viable choice. 

While you could use a shower curtain, metal screens, a glass brick wall or perspex to stop the water from escaping your shower, glass shower screens are far and away the best option.

The only other option that is worth considering, if you have a larger bathroom, is no shower screen at all.

Which glass shower screen option is best?

When you’ve settled on a new glass shower screen for your Adelaide home, you then need to consider which type. There are three to choose – full framed, semi frameless and frameless.

All are good, and it really depends on your budget and the available space, however, we have no hesitation in recommending semi frameless to many of our clients.

These shower screens are more affordable than frameless due to the thickness of the glass required and the additional installation costs for frameless screens. While they are a little more expensive to purchase than framed screens, they are still budget-friendly, look great, will add a little extra light and reflection to your space, and are very easy to clean.

Overall, semi-frameless shower screens are a great choice in most Adelaide bathrooms.

Pivoting, sliding or no door?

Next comes the door operation. Pivoting is generally your best choice because there’s simply less that can go wrong. However, if you have very limited space and a pivoting door would bang into your vanity, toilet or other accessory, a sliding door may be required.

Another option is no door at all, often referred to as a walk-in shower. These are very popular today, however, you do need to have the space to pull it off without water escaping from your shower.

Frames and hardware finishes

Next, you need to choose the finish for your frames (for framed and semi frameless screens) and your other hardware (such as handles, knobs and hinges). 

Once upon a time if you were choosing new glass shower screens for your Adelaide home, chrome was really your only option. Now, however, there are more finishes to choose. For example, we can supply frames in black, white, gold and many more finishes. Handles, knobs and hinges can also be sourced in other finishes.

Shower screen handles

Shower screen hinges

Who will you get to install your glass shower screens?

The installation of glass shower screens is best left to the professionals, which in our area is Adelaide Shower Screens.

We provide a free measure and quote service, a 10-year guarantee on hardware and materials, supply and install custom shower screens and ensure prompt delivery to keep your project on track.

To organise a measure and quote for your Adelaide home, call us on 08 7111 0000 or message us with your details from our contact form.