Remember when black tapware started appearing in bathrooms? It was in fact around 10 years ago and there’s no sign of the trend disappearing.

Actually, it’s fair to say the popularity of black continues to grow and more items are now appearing, including black frames for glass shower screens.

Why are black tapware and glass shower screen frames so popular?

The popularity of black finishes in bathrooms can be traced back to around 2013, but it wasn’t until a few years later that the trend was official. This was partly due to television shows like The Block and House Rules. Improvements to products also helped significantly, particularly the move to a matte black electroplated finish that is durable and scratch resistant.

Black has become popular because of its sophistication, glamour, sleekness and style. It’s perfect for a monochrome bathroom, provides a modern edge, and in an otherwise boring bathroom can lift the look and create a statement piece.

Because black is a neutral colour, it also goes extremely well with other materials and products that are often seen in today’s bathrooms. A black tap against a white sink, tick. A black basin on a light-coloured benchtop, tick. A black glass shower screen frame next to a white tile, tick. Next to timber, stone, marble, copper, neutral colours, etc, etc, tick, tick, tick!

Another advantage of black tapware, basins and glass shower screen frames is that they are resistant to fingerprints and watermarks. Particularly when compared with chrome and stainless steel. This means that black finishes are easier to keep clean.

What can you get in black?

The items you can now get in black finish are virtually endless.

The trend did start with black tapware and mixers and these still lead the way. Of course, you can get black sinks and, as we’ve already highlighted, black glass shower screen frames. Other items include standard towel rails, heated towel rails, baths, shower tapware, shower mixers, shower rails and toilets.

In fact, if you can purchase it for your bathroom, chances are it comes in black!

Is black here to stay?

Before you go and spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on new bathroom accessories in a black finish, it’s worth asking is the move to black a trend or here to stay?

The good news is that most experts believe it’s not a fad. The overwhelming belief is that black bathroom finishes are here to stay.

Of course, whether you choose black, stick with chrome or go with another colour is up to you. When you’re designing a bathroom just for you and your family, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a trend or not, as long as you love it!

Go black with Adelaide Shower Screens

Black is just one of the colours you can choose for your fully framed or semi-frameless glass shower screens, at Adelaide Shower Screens. Other colours include white birch, barley, white, gold, matt natural and bright silver.

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