What can we expect in the world of bathrooms and showers in 2024? We are diving into the trends across Adelaide and throughout Australia to uncover what’s gaining popularity and what’s losing steam. We’ll also look at what glass shower screen manufacturers have in store for us in the new year.

Glass Shower Screens

Our first ‘what will be hot in the bathroom in 2024’ is simple – glass shower screens.
We may be shower screen manufacturers based in Adelaide and therefore biased, but we reckon glass shower screens will always be on trend.

Smart Tech in your bathroom

Integration of smart technology, although not used widely, will start to appear more. We’re talking about features such as voice-controlled fixtures, smart mirrors with embedded screens, and automated temperature and lighting controls.

Natural Materials

Increasing use of natural materials like stone, wood and bamboo for vanities, flooring and accents. This will promote a calming and organic ambience. 

Spa-inspired Amenities

Incorporation of spa-inspired amenities like rainfall showers, steam showers, Japanese soaking tubs and heated flooring to elevate the bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

Wellness elements

Integration of wellness elements like aromatherapy diffusers, chromotherapy lighting and dedicated spaces for meditation or exercise within larger bathroom layouts.

Eco-Friendly fixtures

Emphasis on eco-friendly fixtures and materials, including low-flow toilets, water-saving faucets and recycled or upcycled materials to promote sustainability.


Continued preference for minimalist and clutter-free designs, with concealed storage solutions and clean lines to create a visually spacious environment.

Mixed finishes

Mixing various metal finishes like brushed brass, matte black and copper to add depth and visual interest to bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Statement lighting

Utilising unique and statement-making lighting fixtures, such as artistic pendants, LED strips, or sculptural lighting, to enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Wet room 

The concept of a wet room, essentially a bathroom without shower screens or separate cubicles, is increasingly becoming popular. Wet rooms offer openness, abundant natural light, and a sense of spaciousness.

However, the absence of barriers means everything in the room can get wet, requiring thoughtful planning and making it a design choice that might not suit everyone’s preferences.

What will glass shower screen manufacturers be bringing you in 2024?

As we highlighted in our first point above, glass shower screens will always be on trend. So the main thing glass shower screen manufacturers will be bringing you is more of the same.  Framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens that add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Here are some other things we may see more of in 2024 from glass shower screen manufacturers:

Smart features

Integration of smart features within glass shower screens, such as adjustable opacity for privacy, embedded digital displays or touch-sensitive controls for temperature and lighting.

Sliding glass shower screens

Sliding glass shower screens are far from new, however, their popularity is growing as smaller bathrooms and ensuites are becoming more common.

Minimalistic shower screens

With no end in sight for the desire of a more minimalistic bathroom, glass shower screen manufacturers are likely to see more demand for frameless shower screens, that offer a sleek and seamless appearance while maintaining structural integrity.

Hardware colours

Chrome frames and hardware is always likely to be popular, however, other colours are growing in popularity. For example, colours like black, gold and white. 

Fixed glass shower screens

The increasing popularity of walk in showers and wet areas will see more fixed glass shower screens.