Frameless shower screens are growing quickly in popularity, in Adelaide, around Australia
and across the globe. While once frameless shower screens were only seen in large luxury
houses, these days you will find them in all types of homes, any style and any size.

7 reasons to choose frameless shower screens for your bathroom

1. Its about the look

Probably the single biggest reason that frameless shower screens have become so popular is the look. They’re modern, stylish, minimalistic and streamlined – everything that many people are looking for when building a new home or renovating. They give a bathroom the 5-star hotel look.

2. More light in the bathroom

While not all bathrooms lack natural light, many do, and frameless shower screens can help. The lack of frames means that natural light will penetrate your shower area and will be reflected off the glass surface to the remainder of the bathroom.

3. Make your bathroom look bigger

This quality also makes frameless shower screens a good choice in small bathrooms. With more light reflected from the surface of the glass, frameless shower screens can help your bathroom appear bigger than it is.

4. Easier to clean

Let’s face it, few people look forward to cleaning their bathrooms or their shower screens. Frameless glass shower screens do need cleaning – soap scum and hard water stains in particular will require regular cleaning – but the lack of frames and other hardware makes cleaning a breeze.

5. Less maintenance

Frameless shower screens require little maintenance because of their fewer components. We could even say they require zero maintenance, but of course, occasionally things can go wrong. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, issues are easy to fix.

6. Strong and durable

They don’t look as strong or durable as their framed cousins, but looks are deceiving. That’s because frameless shower screens feature thicker, toughened glass. In the highly unlikely event that a glass panel did break, it would shatter into small cubes and be less likely to cause an injury.

7. Lots of fittings options

Like other glass shower screens, there are so many options you can choose to suit your requirements. This includes the choice of fittings, hinges and handles.
Another popular choice is a fixed shower panel for a walk-in shower.

Are frameless glass shower screens the best choice?

We’ve just spent the last 300 words explaining why you should choose frameless shower screens for your Adelaide bathroom, so you might presume they’re our recommendation for most bathrooms. But that’s not correct. 

While there are many benefits, there are also negatives. Most notably, frameless shower screens are more expensive to purchase and install so won’t suit all budgets.

When it comes to glass shower screens, frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed are all
great choices and there’s no single best option. It simply depends on your needs and wants. If budget is tight, there’s no reason not to choose a framed glass shower screen or a semi-frameless option.
To find out which option is best for you, phone Adelaide Shower screens on 08 7111 0000.

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