With temperatures on the chilly side, it’s nice to retreat to your bathroom and enjoy a hot shower. However, wouldn’t it be better to open your shower screens and be welcomed by a rain shower head? Or have a warm towel to wrap around you after your shower? Or step onto warm tiles?

In this blog, we’ll have a look at some of the ways to add luxury to your bathroom. From heated towel rails to beautiful glass shower screens, we’ll find ways to make your bathroom more like the retreat you’re looking for.

Six tips for luxury in your Adelaide bathroom

1. A heated towel rail

No matter how extravagant your bathroom is, if you open your shower screen to grab a cold, still damp towel to dry off, the luxury soon wears off. The answer is to invest in a heated towel rail. They’re surprisingly cheap to run, particularly if you program them with a timer. Most importantly, they’ll dry your towels every day and warm them for when you step out of the shower or bath. That’s luxury!

2. Underfloor Heating

Another luxury killer is stepping onto cold tiles in winter. If you’re renovating your bathroom something you should consider is underfloor heating, which will also make your bathroom nice and warm. A cheaper alternative, and one that doesn’t require a costly renovation, is a rug. These days you can purchase rugs specially designed for the bathroom, and kiss cold feet goodbye.

3. A New Shower Screen

If the shower screens in your Adelaide home aren’t working properly or are very old, then a new shower screen is going to make a huge difference. For the ultimate in luxury, choose frameless shower screens. The lack of frames provides many benefits and will help your bathroom look like it belongs in a luxury hotel or resort.

4. Add a Rain Fall Shower Head

If you have a standard shower head, a simple and not-too-expensive change you can make is to fit a larger shower head. Sometimes called rain showers or waterfall showers, they help to make any shower feel more luxurious.

5. Add backlighting 

The use of backlighting in the bathroom is growing in popularity and can make any space appear special. Backlighting is generally achieved by using LED strips that are placed behind, underneath and surrounding mirrors, shower niches, cabinets and vanities. These LED strips then attach to a cable that can simply be plugged into any power outlet or, better still, hardwired by an electrician.

6. Include a bath

There was a time when baths were seemingly disappearing from bathrooms, but they are now back and a big trend. Baths not only look luxurious but there’s perhaps nothing more comforting than enjoying a bath on a cold winter’s day.

Luxury shower screens? We do that!

Here at Adelaide Shower Screens, we can’t help you with heated towel rails, underfloor heating, bathroom rugs, shower heads, baths or backlighting, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about luxury.

Our shower screens are certainly luxurious and look expensive, although they don’t come with a high price tag. While we do specialise in frameless shower screens, which are more expensive than other models because of the thicker glass required and stronger hinges and attachment points, our prices are very competitive and won’t break the bank.

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