In the world of bathroom design, the choice between a pivoting or hinged door and a sliding  shower screen can seem inconsequential. However, in some cases, it’s a big decision that may make a massive difference in your  bathroom.

To illustrate what we mean, we’ll explore two scenarios – a sliding doors moment if you will. In one scenario you choose glass shower screens with a sliding door, in the other you don’t.

Scenario 1: You choose a pivoting or hinged door

Imagine stepping into your bathroom, ready to start your day with a refreshing shower. As you open the door to your glass shower screen, you’re met with a familiar challenge. The door swings outward, narrowly missing or perhaps hitting your vanity unit or other item in your bathroom.

You squeeze past, carefully avoiding any potential collision, and finally step into the shower. But the struggle doesn’t end there, particularly if you share your bathroom with a partner or family member. Getting into or out of the shower while someone else is in the bathroom requires a delicate dance of timing and coordination. It’s not what you need in the morning!

This scenario is all too common for Adelaide homeowners with glass shower screens featuring pivoting or hinged doors. Particularly in small bathrooms. While these doors are an ideal solution for larger bathrooms and where there is enough opening space, in smaller areas they can cause issues.

Shower screen with a pivot door

Scenario 2: Embracing the sliding shower screen

Now, envision a different scene. You enter your bathroom to conduct your morning ritual and the sliding door of your glass shower screen effortlessly glides open. With a bit of luck, revealing a spacious showering area. There’s no need to worry about clearance space or collisions with nearby fixtures.

You step into the shower, relishing the freedom of movement and ease of access. Even if someone else is using the bathroom, there’s no need to wait for them to finish. The sliding door allows for seamless entry and exit, ensuring that your daily routine remains uninterrupted.

Sliding Shower Screens

Shower with a sliding door

Six key benefits of glass shower screens with a sliding door


1. Clearance not required

Sliding shower screens eliminate the need for clearance space, making them ideal for compact bathrooms or ensuites where every inch counts.

2. Accessibility

Sliding doors can be particularly valuable for those with accessibility issues, as they provide effortless access to your showering space without any obstacles in the way.

3. Great for small bathrooms

While perfect for smaller bathrooms, the sliding shower screens can be a great
addition in any bathroom.

4. Less accidents

With no protruding doors, glass shower screens with sliding doors can help reduce the risk of accidents and collisions in the bathroom.

5. Stylish

Sleek and stylish, sliding shower screens add a contemporary touch to any bathroom décor, elevating the overall look and feel of the space.

6. Suits all bathrooms

From traditional bathrooms to modern wet rooms, glass shower screens with sliding doors complement a variety of design styles and layouts.

Sliding shower screens

With these benefits, you may think Adelaide Shower Screens would recommend the sliding shower screen to everyone, but we don’t. That’s because there’s a couple of very minor disadvantages to these doors. With more moving parts there is more that can go wrong and cleaning is slightly more difficult.

The disadvantages with the sliding shower screen are very minor, however, and should never stop you from installing them in your home. It’s simply a matter of which solution is best for you and your space.

There-in lies the key. It all depends on your bathroom. For some customers we do recommend sliding shower screens, for others we recommend pivoting or hinged doors, or no doors at all in the case of walk in showers.